Hydranal™ Smart Chemicals

Released in 2019 | Now available globally

Secure Data Transfer
Ensure correct and complete reagent data every time with traceable information flow.

Efficient System Setup
Reduce system set-up time with automated reagent data transfer.

Take a look and learn how Smart Chemicals work.

Hydranal™ Smart Chemicals
for Mettler Toledo Titrators

Our Hydranal™ bottles are embedded with an RFID chip, visible in the form of a new label, that captures essential information for every titration, including article code, product name, lot number, shelf life and numeric concentration.

Hydranal Volumetric Titrants have been proving their capabilities in volumetric titration for more than 35 years in a wide range of applications, and across the diverse fields of research and industry.

Now, you can switch to RFID-enabled titrants to shorten your set-up time and prevent manual errors in data transfer and recording.

Available on our best-selling Hydranal Volumetric Titrants, the RFID label is currently compatible with Mettler Toledo’s Karl Fischer titrators. Our Smart Chemicals can be used with Mettler Toledo’s Karl Fischer Compact and Excellence line titrators (when upgraded with external RFID reader).

Product Name Honeywell Cat. No. Description Packaging
HYDRANAL – Composite 2 34806-1L-SC One-component reagent, titer ~2 mg/mL 1 L, 6×1 L
HYDRANAL – Composite 5 34805-1L-SC One-component reagent, titer ~5 mg/mL 1 L, 6×1 L
HYDRANAL – Composite 5K 34816-1L-SC One-component reagent for titration of ketones and aldehydes, titer ~5 mg/mL 1 L, 6×1 L
HYDRANAL – Titrant 5 34801-1L-SC Two-component reagent, titer ~5 mg/mL 1 L, 6×1 L

How To Connect Bottle to Unit

By holding the bottle with the new label against the RFID reader of your Mettler Toledo instrument (see process diagram), the data are automatically transferred to your titrator.

Connect the reagent to the equipment.

Read SmartLabel data. Hold the reader next to where the SmartLabel is placed, underneath the original Hydranal stamp.

Sync data into the system.

Start the analysis. Start your test with just one click.

NOTE: There is no change in the chemical composition of Hydranal reagents when sold as Hydranal Smart Chemicals. Customers wishing to upgrade to Hydranal Smart Chemicals can do so without any corresponding change in their method. An official confirmation can be found here.

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