How does It work?


Getting started
A Honeywell representative or one of approved distributor partners will work with you to determine the required solvent, optimal container type and size, and accessories to assure your needs are met. We recommend having a minimum annual solvent consumption for a certain container size.

Placing your first order
To initiate the returnable container program, a signed agreement is required specifying the solvents and the estimated consumption, the container type, and required accessories.

Once the order is placed, Honeywell will clean, check and fill your containers, and release for shipment. All our stainless steel drums are tracked by a bar code, with Honeywell keeping complete records of handling and filling, allowing for an uninterrupted supply chain process.

Depending on the agreed process the containers are shipped through your distributor or directly to you.

Returning your containers
After consumption of the solvents, please contact to arrange a container pick-up. Honeywell will work with you directly, or with your distributor to establish a convenient round-trip shipping process.

The empty containers will be picked up by Honeywell un-rinsed and with their original labels still attached. Once the container return to Honeywell, we will ensure that they are properly cleaned, checked and refilled again.