Honeywell Fluka™ Standards


Advance your analysis

Every vial comes complete with a printed Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and is eligible for free expert technical support – ensuring you have the information you need to quickly start your analysis, and pass relevant audits.

Each CoA includes:

  1. Contact and technical support details
  2. Expiry date
  3. Product number, name and batch
  4. General product information
  5. Lot specific analytical results
  6. Purity test by HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS and Titration
  7. Identity test by NMR, FT-IR or Mass Spectrometry

Limit expensive delays with free expert technical support

If you have a critical question that is not addressed by our documentation, Honeywell Fluka provides fast technical support from experts who have been developing, producing and testing standards for decades, ensuring you get timely, effective help with even the trickiest application questions – potentially saving you hundreds of Euros, and hours of lab-work*.

  • We solve the majority of customer product enquiries after one email or phone call.
  • More complex application troubleshooting is normally resolved within 5 working days.

If you have any product or technical questions you can contact our technical department via telephone, fax or email using the details below :

Office: +49(0) 51 37 999 150

Fax:   +49(0) 51 37 999 698