Water Standards

Hydranal Water Standards

The Hydranal family offers verified water standards with exactly confirmed water content for:

  • Titer determination
  • Monitoring analysis precision and accuracy
  • Validation and control of Karl Fischer titrators according to ISO, GMP, GLP and FDA guidelines

Advantages of Hydranal Water Standards:

  • Broad product range for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration as well as the indirect oven application
  • Manufactured according to current ISO requirements
  • Verified against external standards such as NIST SRM 2890 or NMIJ CRM4222-a
  • Shelf life of up to five years
  • Convenient packaging and detailed instruction for use
  • Report or certificate of analysis with exact water content

New and Unique Water Standards

  • 0.1 PC Water Standard with improved stability
  • Certified Reference Material (CRM) Water Standards according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditation

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Product Number Product Name Description Packaging
34849 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 10.0 Liquid standard, water content 10.0 mg/g = 1.0% 10 x 8 mL
34828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.0 Liquid standard, water content 1.0 mg/g = 0.1% 10 x 4 mL
34847 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 0.1 Liquid standard, water content 0.1 mg/g = 0.01%
(shelf life 2 years, to be stored at 2-8°C)
10 x 4 mL
34446 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 0.1 PC Liquid standard water content 0.1 mg/g = 0.01%
(improved stability compared to 34847: shelf life 3
years, to be stored at room temp.)
10 x 4 mL
34694 HYDRANAL-Water Standard Oil Liquid standard based on mineral oil, water content <50 ppm (0.005%) 10 x 8 mL
34696 HYDRANAL-Standard Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Solid standard, water content ~15.66% 25 g
34693 HYDRANAL-Water Standard KF Oven 140-160°C Solid standard for control of Karl Fischer ovens,
water content ~5%, based on lactose
10 g
34748 HYDRANAL-Water Standard KF Oven 220-230°C Solid standard for control of Karl Fischer ovens,
water content ~5.55%, based on potassium citrate
10 g

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