CRM Water Standards

Hydranal™ Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) serve as reference points that are traceable to other internationally accepted standards, such as CRMs from metrological institutes, or SI units.

Honeywell offers a new generation of Hydranal CRM Water Standards for volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer (KF) Titration. These CRMs are produced and certified under ISO Guide 34 in combination with ISO/IEC 17025. These products are supplied with a printed certificate which contains a certified value, comprehensive documentation, an uncertainty calculation, lot-specific values, an expiration date, and storage information.

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Product Number Product Name Description Packaging
34425 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 10.0 Liquid CRM standard, water content 10.0 mg/g = 1.0% 10 x 8 mL
34426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.0 Liquid CRM standard, water content 1.0 mg/g = 0.1% 10 x 4 mL
34424 HYDRANAL-CRM Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Solid CRM standard, water content ~15.66% 10 g

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