Original and Innovative Karl Fischer Reagents

Looking to analyze or measure water content?

Our premium Hydranal™ products for pyridine-free and ethanol-based water determination by Karl Fischer titration (KF titration) is comprised of one- and two-component reagents for volumetric and reagents for coulometric Karl Fischer titrations.

Also available are water standards for titer standardization, pH buffering reagents, special reagents for aldehydes, ketones, and other solubilizing agents.

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

Explore the many benefits of the broadest portfolio of one- and two-component volumetric reagents.

New formulation of Hydranal-Composite reagents improves stability and eliminates the formation of crystals.

Our broad selection includes:

  • Hydranal-Methanol Rapid containing accelerators to speed up titration with one-component reagents
  • Hydranal E-Type reagents based on ethanol for safer titrations
  • Hydranal-Medium K as a less toxic alternative for the determination of water in aldehydes and ketones
Optimize your titration with the right reagents

Advantages of Hydranal one-component reagents:

  • Unlimited water capacity
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The greatest flexibility in working media selection
  • Suitable for methanol-reacting compounds, e.g. ketones and aldehydes
  • Long shelf life (three years)

Improved Composition

Hydranal-Composite contains all the reactants including iodine, sulfur dioxide, and the bases imidazole and 2-methylimidazole, dissolved in diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE). Adding 2-methylimidazole in addition to imidazole improves the stability and eliminates the formation of crystals which can interfere with the titrator’s performance.

The complete KF Titration solution from Honeywell

Advantages of Hydranal two-component reagents:

  • High titration speed
  • Ideal accuracy for small amounts of water
  • High buffer capacity
  • Exact and stable titer
  • E-type reagents: reduced toxicity compared to methanol
  • Long shelf life (three years for titrants, five years for solvents)


In two-component reagents the Karl Fisher reactants are separated into two solutions: the titrant and the solvent. Hydranal-Titrant contains iodine dissolved in an alcohol with a precisely defined concentration. Hydranal-Solvent is an alcoholic solution of sulfur dioxide and imidazole.

The alcohol is either methanol for standard reagents or ethanol for E-type reagents.

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Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Coulometric reagents based on different solvent compositions serve to support the broad variety of samples analyzed.

All your KF Reagents from one source


Some working techniques are supported by special reagents:

  • Karl Fischer oven by Coulomat AG-Oven
  • Cell without diaphragm by Coulomat AD

Advantages of Hydranal coulometric Reagents:

  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy for trace amounts of water
  • Stable conditions of the titration vessel
  • Broad product range
  • Long shelf life (up to five years)

Hydranal-Coulomat A-type or E-type reagents are used as anolytes. The anolytes contain iodide and a sulfur dioxide/imidazole buffer in suitable solvents.

Hydranal-Coulomat CG reagents are used as catholytes.

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Water Standards

Hydranal Water Standards

  • Titer determination
  • Monitoring precision and accuracy
  • Validation and control of Karl Fischer titrators according to ISO, GMP, GLP and FDA guidelines

Advantages of Hydranal Water Standards

  • Broad product range for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer applications
  • Manufactured according to current ISO requirements
  • Verified against NIST SRM 2890
  • Shelf life of up to five years
  • Convenient packaging and detailed instruction for use
  • Report of Analysis with exact water content

New and Unique Water Standards

  • 0.1 PC Water Standard with improved stability
  • Certified Reference Material (CRM) Water Standards according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditation

To learn more about Hydranal’s CRM Water Standards click here

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Other Karl Fischer Titration Products

Hydranal is offering a wide range of additional Karl Fischer titration products:

  • Solubilizers to aid the working conditions and enable a direct titration of the sample
  • Buffers to neutralize acidic or basic samples to reach ideal pH-value or suppress side reactions
  • Moisture Test Kit to determine amount of water in various samples while being in the field or away from a Karl Fischer titrator

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