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Pioneer in High-Purity Solvents and Reagents Manufacturing


products-b-and-j-quote-boxHoneywell Burdick & Jackson™ (B&J) developed the first high-purity solvents more than 50 years ago. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of high-purity solvents and DNA/RNA reagents. As new applications and techniques emerge, Burdick & Jackson continues to develop products to meet the most demanding requirements for laboratories and pharmaceutical production. Our packaging solutions, ranging from lab scale through production, provide our customers with added value, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety.

  • B&J Brand is a premier solvent line meeting the extreme purity demands of a variety of applications including liquid and gas chromatography (LC and GC), spectrophotometry, pesticide residue analysis, organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry with high GC purity, minimal UV contaminants, low water content and outstanding lot-to-lot consistency.
  • B&J GC2 offers an extensive selection of solvents for environmental analysis such as capillary gas chromatography applications requiring trace analysis at or below the part-per-billion level. Ideal for EPA protocols. Actual lot chromatograms available upon request.
  • Anhydrous solvents feature water content ranging from <10 ppm to <50 ppm, low residue, convenient, and effective packaging that ensures product quality and are designed for moisture-sensitive applications including organic synthesis, organometallic, and combinatorial chemistry.
  • BioSyn solvents feature ultra-low water specifications, low amine specifications, low particulate levels, high solvent purity, and reagents that are well suited for oligo and peptide synthesis.
  • B&J Purified Plus solvents allow lab process scale-up without lot-to-lot variations, and decrease the risk of solvent contamination.

DNA and RNA Solvents and Reagents
The BioSyn™ line of DNA and RNA reagents are processed and purified to minimize particulate contamination, making them ideal for the high purity required in pharmacogenomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, and drug discovery applications. These solvents and reagents are ideal for use in performing oligosynthesis at lab scale or production levels.


  • Specifically processed and tested for ultra-low water content, low amine specifications, and combinatorial chemistry
  • Improve over-all yield and ensure highest efficiency
  • Routinely used in finished product manufacturing (lab scale to commercial levels)
  • 0.1 or 0.2µm filter used at packaging to eliminate particulate contamination
  • Packaged to facilitate direct connection to popular DNA/RNA synthesizers

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  • Returnable/Re-usable Container Program packaging to enhance lab safety and efficiency while reducing carbon footprint.
  • Honeywell LabReady™ Blends for standard catalog and customer-specific blends using proprietary, closed-loop blending technology.