Water Determination in Lubrication Oils for Compressors by Karl Fischer Titration

The Karl Fischer water content analysis of these slightly viscous oils is straightforward. Reproducible results and stable end-points were obtained using volumetric or coulometric titration. Volumetric titration requires additional solvent like chloroform or xylene in proper ratio. A direct coulometric analysis does not require any additional co-solvents when working with Hydranal-Coulomat AG-H. The addition of xylene, chloroform or toluene enhances sample solubility, especially when large sample quantities are analysed.

Download the full Laboratory Report for Lubrication Oils for Compressors (L 359) here

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Volumetric reagents: Coulometric reagents: Auxiliaries:
34806 HYDRANAL-Composite 2
34741 HYDRANAL-Methanol dry
37863 HYDRANAL-Chloroform37866 HYDRANAL-Xylene34811 HYDRANAL-Titrant 234812 HYDRANAL-Solvent CM34849 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 10.0
34425 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 10.034828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.034426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.034696 HYDRANAL-Standard Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate34424 HYDRANAL-CRM Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate
34843 HYDRANAL-Coulomat AG-H 34840 HYDRANAL-Coulomat CG 34828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.034426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.034446 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 0.1 PC 34241 HYDRANAL-Molecular Sieve 0.3 nm34788 HYDRANAL-Humidity Absorber

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