Water Determination in Ethylenediamine Derivatives by Karl Fischer Titration

Ethylenediamine and its derivatives are causing two problems when determining their water content: they can shift the pH of the medium in the titration vessel towards the alkaline range if the amount of sample is large enough, and they can cause a receding end point due to secondary side reaction taking place in media containing methanol.

Based on results of our tests we do not recommend coulometric titration. Suitable are the methanol-free volumetric reagents Hydranal-Composite 5 and Hydranal-Working Medium K. To neutralize the amines, it is very important that the amount of benzoic acid recommended in the Procedure is used.

According to the latest findings, Hydranal-Working Medium K is classified as very toxic. Instead of that Hydranal-Buffer Base can be used.

Download the full Laboratory Report for Ethylenediamine Derivatives (L 026) here

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Volumetric reagents: Water Standards: Auxiliaries:
34805 HYDRANAL-Composite 5
37859 HYDRANAL-Buffer Base
34817 HYDRANAL-Working Medium K
32035 HYDRANAL-Benzoic Acid
34849 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 10.034425 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 10.034828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.034426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.0 34241 HYDRANAL-Molecular Sieve 0.3 nm34788 HYDRANAL-Humidity Absorber

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