Water Determination in di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate by Karl Fischer Titration

This inorganic compound is often combined with tri-sodium phosphate as a water softening treatment, and is found in some cleaning agents. Primarily it’s used in foods. Its presence adjusts pH balance, and it prevents coagulation during the preparation of condensed milk. It also helps emulsify foods such as puddings and jellies, and quicken cooking time.

Di-sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate dissolves slowly in the methanolic Karl Fischer (KF) working medium. We recommend the addition of formamide (1:1, v/v) to markedly improve solubility. Both one-component and two-component volumetric titration is recommended.

Hydranal-Water Standard 10.0, Hydranal-Water Standard 1.0, and Hydranal-Standard Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate are suitable for determination of the titer or control of the volumetric determination.

Download the full Laboratory Report for di-sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate (L 325) here

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34805 HYDRANAL-Composite 534741 HYDRANAL-Methanol dry37817 HYDRANAL-Methanol Rapid34724 HYDRANAL-Formamide dry34801 HYDRANAL-Titrant 534800 HYDRANAL-Solvent 34849 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 10.034425 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 10.034828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.034426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.034696 HYDRANAL-Standard Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate34424 HYDRANAL-CRM Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate 34241 HYDRANAL-Molecular Sieve 0.3 nm34788 HYDRANAL-Humidity Absorber
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