Water Determination in Crude Oil by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Using analysed sample we have established that intensive homogenisation with a homogenisator or ultrasound device is the basic prerequisite for reproducible results.

The conditions for the coulometric water content calculation were tested, as crude oil requires a larger quantity of dissolution agent. Hydranal-Coulomat A already contains chloroform as a dissolution agent, but the tar contained in crude oil additionally requires xylene.

Coulometric titration is a cumulative method; the reagent is already dark after the first determination, making visual controls impossible. However, we have established that the results of the individual samples were reproducible, so that there were no indication problems.

Download the full Laboratory Report for Crude Oil (L 148) here

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34868 HYDRANAL-Coulomat Oil
34807 HYDRANAL-Coulomat A37866 HYDRANAL-Xylene34840 HYDRANAL-Coulomat CG34828 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 1.034426 HYDRANAL-CRM Water Standard 1.034446 HYDRANAL-Water Standard 0.1 PC
34241 HYDRANAL-Molecular Sieve 0.3 nm34788 HYDRANAL-Humidity Absorber
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