Custom Products

Custom Specs, Major Benefits

Honeywell LabReady™ Blends are highly-customizable blends of high-purity solvents, reagents, and buffers that are produced to your precise specifications, and offer the flexibility you require. By eliminating the need for manual blending, your laboratory can redeploy resources to more value-added activities that help it reach its scientific and technical goals. You also benefit from eliminating the waste that can result from formulation errors, and reduce chemical handling for a much safer work environment.

Select your blend components below to estimate how much time you can save with LabReady Blends:
Specify the solid / salt and the amount used:

Select the acid / base used:

Choose the solvent(s) and amount used:
Final pH Adjustment (leave blank if not applicable)
Enter the desired final pH: Acid / base used to reach final pH:
Filtration: Do you filter your formulation / blend? Yes No
Degassing: Do you degas your formulation / blend before using it? Yes No
Cleanup: This step includes putting away chemicals / supplies, and cleaning glassware and the lab bench.
For your formulation / blend, how much time is spent in cleanup per batch? minutes
Consumption: Enter the approximate amount of the formulation / blend prepared each week: liters / week
How much of the blend is prepared at a time? liters / batch

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